I would like to show you Costa Blanca which is situated int he middle part of Spain for 210 km long. The capital is Alicante, which divides it for two parts north and south.

In the south part of Alicante, on the way tro La Manga we can find salt lakes and lagoons, plants of tropical fruits and vegetables, and nature reserves. This part of Spain is waiting for the guests with the diverse beaches,clean bays, with long sand shores and picturesque rocks. You can play ont he beach, do sport, ont he ground and int he sea, it is suitable for everybody. Uncountable amusing possibilities is waiting for the guests from whole Europe.

More than 300 sunshine days are in Costa Blanca, the climate is very pleasant. During the winter the weather is about 12-20 Celsius, mduring the summer 28-35 Celsius, the sea is perfect for swimming. There is no any industrial park around Costa Blanca, it has the most healthy climate according to WHO and UNO.

The evaporation of the salt lakes, the clean air is good for the following deseases: neurodermitis, apsoriasis, rheumatism,cardiovascular system and asthma.

Costa Blanca and Torrevieja belong to the important cities of the coasts which is situated from 35 kms south from the airport of Alicante and 25 kms from Mar Meno.The old fishing village has complete infrastructures nowadays, it has one of the largest jacht port and it has a long beach.

In the south part of Torrevieja we can find Playas de Orihuela, ther is a great number of buildings, well-groomed villas, tenhnis court, golf -course, and smaller jacht ports.

17 kms from the north part of Torrevieja ther is a fine sand beach which is nature reservation around with forests.This part of the sea is well known in whole Europe because of the good quality of the water.The Eu favoured with blue flag more beaches, it means that these are the cleanest and most security areas.Many retired person could find the rest here and there is a large quantity of cultural amusement.(European clubs, national celebrations,etc).

There are four large cities which is waiting for you  for sight-seeing and the possibilities of buying.
Alicante (around 270.000 population) with the nicest beach parade, and picturesque and old city
Elche (around 200.000 population) with the largest palm park
Murcia (around 380.000 population) imposing medieval cathedral
Cartagena (around 180.000 population) this is a port-town with town- hall

In this area there are five golf-course with 18 holes, and it is planned other 5 building. Near to this place ther is the big Salt lake, from which people produce the salt from the XII century.

On the above mentioned places ther is no big hotel chains, there is no crowd turism like the other part of Spain.Most of the guests has private house or rent a holiday house.

The prices of the houses are the cheapest in this district but it grows very dynamically.

We hope that this short introduction brings your mood to see Costa Blanca and arouse your interest for a very favourable investment!

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Budai Piroska